Why Dreamoro?

Tech start-ups are hard. Most fail. Founders often think it will be a fun journey and they will retire wealthy and rewarded.

Founders are likely to have specific domain expertise but may lack the technology or leadership experience needed to build a successful business, and even with those skills it's often hard work and can lead to failure or poor outcomes. For example hiring the right people, who need to learn over time how to work together comes with considerable risks and challenges. All too often the technical people that have designed the MVP hadn’t designed the optimal architecture for scale, security and compliance.

There are also a range of economic challenges of early stage businesses. Such as having enough of the right skilled resources to develop, support and bring your product to market in an economical way.

In the end, founders who do ultimately succeed will tell you that they wished they had access to a more mature team who knew what they were doing in their early days. Lessons they learn after several years and often several iterations of their products resulting in unnecessary cash burn, ownership dilutions and opportunities lost. Most founders will admit the journey was more costly, nerve racking and not the fun journey that they had imagined when they started.

That is why we created Dreamoro.
To bring fun and success to your founder journey.

Why Us

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Dreamoro is an experienced team, with broad technical, commercial and customer support skills working with founders in partnership. We rally around you and your team like you're family.

Bottom line: Dreamoro will reduce startup risks, time to market, and cost of your new digital products, and help bring your dreams to life.

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