Dreamoro Ventures

Dreamoro Ventures

The Dreamoro Venture Capital Fund supports tech founders looking for SEED or Series-A investment.

Have you built an MVP; verified market interest in your product; experienced the challenges of getting this far and now looking to progress to the next stage? Then Dreamoro Ventures would be keen to learn more about your business opportunity. It is never too early in your journey to contact us.

The Dreamoro team are a passionate and powerful network of CEOs, entrepreneurs, advisors, technologists, designers, data scientists, marketing thought-leaders, seasoned operators, and growth experts. We are founder first - what do we mean by this? We rally around you and your team like you're family.

Our founder-first partnership approach provides you access to commercial and technical support including mentoring, coaching and the broad set of skills you may need to build a successful business and become a successful leader, with Dreamoro Ventures and Dreamoro Studio as your trusted and loyal partners.

To be eligible for Dreamoro Ventures your digital product must have a positive impact on our community, people’s lives and the planet. We have adopted the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a cornerstone of our framework to evaluate products and founders we want to work with.
Dreamoro Studio


Bringing a new product to life and creating a successful business around it is incredibly challenging. We know because we have done it more than once. A staggering 80-90% of startups fail! This is due to the numerous challenges ahead and few founders have the skills, resources or previous experience to avoid or minimise the many risks and sharks they will meet along their journey.

These challenges include finding and hiring the right people, raising capital from the right sources, testing and validating the viability of the product-market fit, defining your business model, designing the optimal product architecture, UI/UX design that engages and excites its users, selecting the right technology components and platforms, efficiently supporting and managing your product in the market and more.

Imagine having access to a highly successful and capable technology, support and commercialisation team to help you bring your dreams to life with scalable, secure web and mobile applications, bringing all of the tools, dev ops and managed development operations to the table. The ultimate startup and scale-up operation, with Dreamoro Studio as your partner you will sleep better and help underwrite the success of your product and business.

We invest everything we have in your success:
Market Research
Concept Validation
Data Science
Go-to-market Strategy
UX/UI Design
Product Management

At Dreamoro we value above all; being easy to work with, transparency, integrity, ethics, collaboration, passion and delivering successful outcomes for our partners and products that deliver a positive impact.


The Dreamoro Ventures Fund I is structured as an Early Stage Venture Capital Partnership (ESVCLP) with a stapled Trust and has received conditional registration from the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.

An ESVCLP is a venture capital fund structure initiated by the Australian Government to stimulate investments in early-stage tech companies. Investing in an ESVCLP provides tax incentives and concessions. This includes a tax offset of up to 10% of the contributions made to the fund. Plus, a tax exemption on revenue and capital gains generated by the disposal of capital investments made by the ESVCLP.

We engage with H.E.A.R.T.We care about your dream.

Focused on your success.

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